Artist Statement

Mark Mitchell is an environmental artist that responds to place and context.

His work is about bringing people together to engage, connect and inspire.

I like to make art that is accessible to all. 

Site specific projects; revealing hidden elements that lie beneath the surface of our everyday world.

He is interested in our connection and dis-connection with our Environment. How we expose the hidden elements beneath, reflecting our deeper feelings and issues.

Mark's work is not medium specific and responds directly to our sense of place and space in a specific way.

Drawing upon elemental energies and methodology.

Involving dowsing, walking, being, intervention, interaction, performance, storytelling,  photography, moving image, sketches, text and sound.

Influenced by Artists and Art within the fields of Environment, Land, Kinetic and Arte Povera. 

Birch Tree in Landscape

Black and White Medium Format Image

Mount Sanna, Lapland, Finland.


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